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We love insurance - and AI

We grow people

Despite our love for insurance, we are here to learn as humans and become better. Ideally, we go to bed a little smarter every day

AI and insurance - true love

When insurance is about data - and it is - artificial intelligence is a very good friend. The kind of friend who comes over for a beer and a hug

Leading insurance experts

For us, at Bind, insurance is the most exciting thing in the world. If you are not already, we have your back whether you’re a customer or an employee
Diversity and inclusion

At Bind, we welcome everyone. We support each other, care for each other and are a group of ambitious people who are aiming for the stars. Perhaps you are one of them?

“60% of people are underinsured. We’re here to change that for the better”

Insurance is all about enabling people to take on healthy risks. It is good for you and it is good for society

Bind is here to help you and your customers to get the most accurate insurance coverage - so you can do your thing and win
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Eduardo Rocha


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Avenida Paulista

Made in Brazil

Passion drives innovation

We have a passion for doing things better. And then improve from there

Quality is at the core

Everything we do, we do it proudly and with the heart. It’s built to last

Accuracy is our pride

We get ticks when things are not precise. That’s your guarantee for accuracy

Grow with Bind

Great culture

We put pride in growing people and carrying them forward. Their success is our success

Learn with Bind

Failure happens in life. We learn as a group and collectively
Loads of perks

We don’t spoil our colleagues. We take care of them and make sure they thrive - a lot
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